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Holiday home in Villa de Mazo (Spain, La Palma, La Palma - South)

No. 12987
Holiday home Casa Rural La Palma 12525, Spain, La Palma, La Palma - South, Villa de Mazo Casa Rural La Palma 12525
The houses is located in a 18.000m².
max. 6 Persons 120 m² 102 EUR/Day

Holiday home in Vallehermoso (Spain, Gomera, Vallehermoso)

No. 12396
Holiday home Casa Rural Gomera 11903, Spain, Gomera, Vallehermoso, Vallehermoso Casa Rural Gomera 11903
This complex of houses was build in 1940 but was refurbished in 2002. This is a very traditional canarian complex of rural houses. 3 rural houses are available in the complex.
max. 4 Persons 0 m² 51 EUR/Day

Holiday home in Hermigua (Spain, Gomera, Hermigua)

No. 12440
Holiday home Casa Rural Gomera 11949, Spain, Gomera, Hermigua, Hermigua Casa Rural Gomera 11949
Whilst refurbishing, the owner divided the property into two single properties side-by-side but at the same time completely independant with privates entrances and terraces.
max. 3 Persons 0 m² 51 EUR/Day

Holiday home in Las Vegas (Spain, Tenerife, Tenerife - South)

No. 12144
Holiday home Casa Rural Teneriffa-Süd 11648, Spain, Tenerife, Tenerife - South, Las Vegas Casa Rural Teneriffa-Süd 11648
The Rural House is a complex of 3 different accomodations.
max. 3 Persons 0 m² 76 EUR/Day

Holiday home in Taucho (Spain, Tenerife, Tenerife - South)

No. 12178
Holiday home Finca Rural Teneriffa-Süd 11681, Spain, Tenerife, Tenerife - South, Taucho Finca Rural Teneriffa-Süd 11681
The rural house consists of 2 bedrooms with two single beds in each.
max. 4 Persons 0 m² 89 EUR/Day

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